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Highway applications for sulfur include sulfur extended asphalt (SEA) and SC. Sulfur, a naturally occurring compo- nent in asphalt, can be substituted for the more expensive portland or asphalt cement. Sulfur was most commonly com- bined with polymers and aggregates to produce sulfur poly- mer concrete starting in the early 1990s.


Flexible Perpetual Design & Analysis Software. 1 HOT MIX ASPHALT WHAT IS HOT MIX ASPHALT? Hot mix asphalt may be referred to by several names. In different sections of the state it may also be referred to as bituminous concrete,hot plant mix,asphalt concrete, blacktop or Superpave. Hot mix asphalt is composed of aggregate bound together

RAP Alters Asphalt Plant Design

Dec 28, 2000 · An early design for a counter-flow consisted of a single drum. This design allowed a plant to meet the emission standards but it had the disadvantages of a short mixing time, and the drum itself became very hot when high percentages of RAP were used.


♦ Asphalt (for paving and roofing uses). Of these, the transportation fuels have the highest value; fuel oils and asphalt the lowest value. Many refined products, such as gasoline, are produced in multiple grades, to meet different specifications and standards (e.g., octane levels, sulfur content ).

Sulphur Extended Asphalt (SEA) Using Solid (Pelletized

sulphur extended asphalt (SEA). The first project, completed in 1975 on U.S. 69 north of Lufkin (Research Report 512), preblended the sulphur/asphalt in a 35/65 (wt) ratio prior to introduction into the pug mill of a batch-type hot mix plant. The second project, completed in 1980 on Loop

Solid sulfur-extended asphalt composition and method and

Jul 13, 1982 · The resultant sulfur-extended bituminous concrete when compacted provides substantially increased mechanical strengths over conventional asphalt mix designs. A solid sulfur mixing and blending apparatus is disclosed for use with asphalt batch plants to accommodate the present sulfur-extended asphalt composition and method.

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May 18, 2003 · When a company wants to build an asphalt plant, Stibbe said, the DNR tells the company what the emissions rules are then leaves it to the company to work with its vendor to design a plant that ...

The benefits of modified asphalts

AI modified asphalt study. The positive performance of modified asphalts is commonly recognized and demonstrated by lab testing, but there has been little available documentation of improved field performance. A study undertaken by the Asphalt Institute cited here is an example of one effort to document the performance benefits.

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total asphalt thickness of nine inches, while the other section has seven inches of asphalt, similar to the structural sections within the Group Ex-periment. Thiopave is a pelletized sulfur product, so no plant modifica-tions are required for its use. In addition, Thiopave mixes are produced


What is sulphur asphalt (bitumen)? Sulphur asphalt (SA), sometimes referred to as sulphur bitumen or sulphur extended asphalt (SEA), is a viable alternative for asphalt road binder, a process in which sulphur is used to extend asphalt materials as a means of energy conservation by minimizing asphalt demand.

Sulfur Extended Asphalt Pavement Evaluation in the State

Sulfur Extended Asphalt Pavement Evaluation in the State of Washington: Design and Construction Report. This report summarizes the placement of sulfur extended asphalt (SEA) paving mixtures at two test sites near Pullman, Washington. One site was on an existing state highway and the other made use of the Washington State University Test Track.

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Aug 30, 2016 · WAPA takes pride in presenting this 2016 Asphalt Pave-ment Design Guide and will be happy to provide read-ers with additional information. Acknowledgments This guide builds on the 2001 Asphalt Pavement Design Guide written and developed under the direction of Dr. James Crovetti, Marquette University, Department of Civil and Environmental ...

Sulphur-extended asphalt: reaction kinetics of H2S evolution

The interest in sulphur-asphalt mixtures was especially high in the 1970s and 1980s. At present, there is concern about the behaviour of sulphur-extended asphalts (SEA) because of the problems that could arise during the recycling of old SEA pavements.

Sulphur Enhanced Asphalt Concrete Test Sections

Introduction to Sulphur Enhanced Asphalt Concrete The material used for this project has been categorized as a Sulphur Extended Asphalt Modifier, or SEAM. This material is used to enhance the stiffness and rut resistance of asphalt paving mixes while maintaining the


FIELD EVALUATION OF SULFUR-EXTENDED ASPHALT PAVEMENTS Twenty-six sulfur-extended asphalt (SEA) paving projects, constructed between 1975 and 1982 in 18 states, were surveyed to measure the incidence and severity of major, visible types of

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The present invention provides for a sulfur rubber asphalt binder composition that includes a base asphalt having a softening point, elemental sulfur, and a recycled crumb rubber material. The crumb rubber material is combined with the base asphalt and the elemental sulfur to create the sulfur rubber asphalt binder composition.

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The heat recovery system of a conventional sulphuric acid plant recovers most of the heat produced during the sulphur combustion and the SO 2 -> SO 3 conversion, producing 1.2 ÷ 1.3+ tons of MP superheated steam (at 25 ÷ 42 bara and about 400°C) per ton of sulphuric acid.

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Sulfur Extended Asphalt Pavement Evaluation in the State of Washington: SR 270 Highway Pavement Performance Report

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Hot-mix asphalt (HMA) may be referred to by several names. In different sections of the state it may also be referred to as bituminous concrete, hot plant mix, asphalt concrete, blacktop or SUPERPAVE. HMA is composed of aggregate bound together into a solid mass by asphalt cement. The aggregates total

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Quarry to have Asphalt plant 5th April 2009 (Pa) — NEW HANOVER – Signing a proposed settlement with Gibraltar Rock to end litigation over the quarry the company wants to build off Route 73 may obligate the township to support an application for an asphalt plant likely to spew dangerous chemicals into the air.


Sulphur dust suspended in air ignites easily and can cause explosions in confined spaces. Sulphur dust clouds can be ignited by friction, static electricity, heat, sparks or flames. Traces of hydrogen sulphide and sulphur vapor may present an explosion hazard if evolved into a confined space or enclosed space, particularly from molten sulphur.

Molten Sulfur Storage Tank, Loading, and Vapor Ejection

Proper design of the sulfur tank, loading area, ejectors, and associated piping allows for longer operation by avoiding sulfur plugging and corrosion issues. The design of the vent system should provide a safer environment for plant personnel by lowering and minimizing exposure to these harmful contaminants.


quality of runoff and pollutants. A properly designed porous asphalt pavement under the right conditions will provide one solution to storm water runoff problems as well as groundwater table recharge. Because of the unique design and construction features of this product, information on Porous Asphalt Pavement is found toward the end of this guide.

DTIC ADA078219: Mix Design and Resilient Modulus

The increased price and questionable availability of asphalt has led to the investigation of alternate binders. One such binder is sulphur. This study has investigated the mix design properties of both the Marshall and Hveem mix designs as well as the resilient modulus values.

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The information contained in this chapter is intended as a general guide for the homeowner on the design and construction of asphalt concrete Research & Case Studies Articles, illustrations, papers, and video of asphalt and how it improves Virginia’s roadways.


The composition and properties of asphalt fuels dictate the need for special handling and design considerations in terms of both the combustion and boiler systems. This paper presents an overview of asphalt fuel characteristics as well as some of the com-bustion and boiler system design considerations necessary for successful utilization of resid-

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Sulphur extended asphalt (SEA) : sulphur/asphalt mixture

Sulphur extended asphalt (SEA) : sulphur/asphalt mixture design and construction details : Lufkin field trials / By Bob M. Gallaway, jt. auth. Donald Saylak and United States. Federal Highway Administration.

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Asphalt Mix Facility In Saudi Arabia Product introduction . Asphalt Mix Facility In Saudi Arabia Containerized asphalt mixing plant is characterized by reliable function, environment friendliness and excellent performance and widely used in construction of highway, airport, dam and so on.

US Patent for Enhancing properties of sulfur extended asphalt

Apr 09, 2013 · The dynamic shear rheology of sulfur wax asphalt binder compositions was also analyzed. FIGS. 1 and 2 represent the typical dynamic shear rheology of sulfur wax asphalt binder composition at 70° C. FIG. 1 shows that the 40/60 sulfur asphalt mix was very similar to that of pure asphalt in terms of behavior.

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